In 30′

Pantano lake (15′)

Area of Pignola has WWF reserve area, a beautiful air base with flying school for flying ultra light planes, renting bike and roller blades, skating rinks,indoor&outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts and good restaurants

Rifreddo (20′)

boasts wonderful woods

Lagopesole Castle (25′)

was the hunting reserve of Frederick II. In summer is a set of music concerts & folk shows

Grancia Forest (25′)

Park “La Grancia” in a wonderful natural scenery below an ancient castle a path, crosses the forest, leads to a wide amphitheatre where, in summertime every August, a show represents the story of the farmers’ raising in Basilicata, known as ‘Brigantaggio’. The spectacular special effects, are extremely thrilling

Campomaggiore (30′)

The old town of Campomaggiore is the set of aerial show dance every August.